Children and Allergies

Allergies can be rough for children. They want to play and have fun. They hope to get good grades in school and to understand what the teacher is saying. Children want to spend time outdoors and go on adventures with their friends. And they want to feel good! Allergies put a damper on everything and make kids feel miserable.

Allergies Are Rough for Children

When a child suffers from an allergy, every part of life can be a challenge. It’s hard enough for an adult to struggle with an allergy. But kids with allergies may not even know what it’s like to feel good.

Children with Allergies Miss out on So Much

Allergies bring so many restrictions for children. Their friends are playing ball at the park. But the children with allergies can’t run, or they’ll have an asthma attack. They’re always sitting on the sidelines and feeling left out. On some afternoons they can’t even be at the park because the pollen count is too high.

If they go on a class field trip, they’re the ones who “can’t do anything.” They hang out with the teacher while the other kids enjoy all the activities. They have to eat a special meal, and they can’t trade or share food with the other children. They don’t get those fun treats. All they know is “something is wrong with me.”

They can’t have a pet. They can’t go to their friends’ houses where there are pets. If they do, they have to take medication, and they still might have a reaction. Allergies seem to take away all the fun of being a kid.

Allergies Make School Much Harder

Allergies also make it difficult for children to focus in school. The allergy symptoms are distracting, and they may find it hard to pay attention in class. Sniffling and coughing can distract other children as well, and this can lead to teasing.

Children with chronic allergies may end up missing school days because their symptoms make them so sick. It can be hard to make up all that work, especially when they still don’t feel well.

Classrooms can be filled with allergic triggers. Allergies may end up hurting children’s grades or at the very least, making them feel “less than” or like they have to work too hard on every assignment.

Allergies Can Cause Fear for Children

When children have severe allergies, they also live with the fear of having an extreme reaction like asthma or anaphylaxis. Children have to grow up too soon in learning how to live with their allergic reactions. This danger also puts their parents and other adult caregivers on constant alert for what could go wrong. It’s an exhausting way to live for children and parents as well.

An Allergist Can Help Children Be Kids Again

When children begin working with an allergist, it can feel like they are getting a brand new life. For a child that feels like “everything is wrong,” it is amazing to have a diagnosis from an allergist and know exactly what is wrong. A specific allergy diagnosis brings empowerment to children who have suffered the hopelessness of chronic allergies.

Allergists Offer Answers for Children and Parents

When you know what you are dealing with, you can begin to treat it effectively. That is good news for children who suffer from allergies. It’s good news for their parents and other caregivers as well.

Our allergist helps children discover the joys of life. Through a medical history and exam, our allergist can determine the right allergy test that will give children and parents the answers they are longing for.

Allergy Treatment Means a Better Life

Our allergist will create the right treatment plan unique to each child. Treatment might include medications, immunotherapy, home environment or dietary modifications, an emergency plan for severe allergies, and whatever else is needed. This includes the right medications for each child’s specific allergies. No more over-medication based on guesswork.

Allergy treatment can help children feel like they are able to enjoy life in ways they’ve never known. They don’t have to feel like allergies are ruining their lives anymore. They can start to enjoy just being a kid.

If you are tired of watching your child suffer from allergies, call today and make an appointment to see Dr. Hadjiev, the allergist who can help you find answers and wellness for your child.

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