History of Allergies

Do you have a history of allergies? How about your family? These are questions your allergist will ask in taking your medical history.

The more specific information you can provide for your allergist, the more quickly he can diagnose your allergies.

What Is Your History of Allergies?

What is your history of allergies? When did you first notice a problem, and what kind of symptoms did you experience? How often do your symptoms recur?

Have you noticed any allergic triggers? Do certain environments make your symptoms better or worse? Have you taken any steps to minimize your exposure to allergens – like modifying your home environment or avoiding certain foods or pets – and what were the results?

Your History of Allergies Is Helpful

If you are ready to get help in overcoming your allergies, it starts with you taking inventory.

Maybe you have kept a list all along, documenting your allergic reactions and anything that might have contributed. If you did, that is wonderful. Your list will be helpful as you answer your allergist’s questions.

If you haven’t been writing down a history of your allergies, please don’t worry or stress. It’s not too late. Just start with what you remember and pay attention to what you are experiencing now.

Your History Will Help You Measure Your Progress

Awareness of your history of allergies will help your allergist know more about your specific situation. It will also help you. If you can record the way you are feeling in certain environments with specific triggers, you will be able to measure your progress. You will see your allergy treatments working. That will be so encouraging for you.

Allergies can be so frustrating and overwhelming. You may feel like your allergies are ruining your life. You grow tired of the symptoms and the restrictions. There is so much you want to do and enjoy, and you feel like you can’t.

When you start working with your allergist, he will diagnose your allergies and create a very specific treatment plan to help you. That doesn’t mean your allergies will disappear overnight. But your body will start to improve.

That’s another reason it is so important to know your history of allergies. When your allergist starts to treat your allergies, some days you might feel like nothing has changed. When you go back and look over your history, you will realize things have actually improved! This will encourage you as you continue your allergy treatments.

Does Your Family Have a History of Allergies?

Your family medical history is also important to know. Your allergist will want to know if allergies run in your family. Who has suffered from what? All of this information can help with your diagnosis.

If you do not know your family’s history of allergies, don’t worry. Your allergist has many ways to help you and to find out what allergens are bothering you. There are so many other tools he will use to diagnose your allergies, from a medical exam to allergy testing. But if you do know your family’s history of allergies, it will be helpful to share it.

Turn Your History of Allergies into a Healthier Future

When you visit our office, Dr. Hadjiev, our allergist, will put your medical history, your family’s history, your medical exam, and allergy tests to work, so he can create the most effective treatment plan uniquely for you. This means a better and brighter future for you.

If you are tired of suffering from allergies, call Dr. Hadjiev at 212-679-1200 to make an appointment today. Conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan, we are looking forward to meeting you and helping you feel better.

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