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Do I Have an Environmental Allergy? How Can I Tell?

It’s a beautiful spring day, and you want to enjoy the outdoors. You head to the park, hoping your allergies will be better than the last time. But as you try to settle into that peaceful atmosphere, it seems like all kinds of irritating things come to life. You start to itch and cough and sneeze. It feels like you are under attack from the very air around you. Before long, you are wishing you had just stayed at home. Environmental allergies have gotten the best of you on this otherwise gorgeous day.

An Allergic Reaction to the Environment

Does that day at the park sound too familiar? When you have an environmental allergy, every day can be a challenge. Your environment is all around you. The air you breathe is filled with substances like pollen, pet dander, mold, and dust mites. When your body overreacts to one of these common substances in the environment, it is hard to escape.

Environmental allergies develop because your immune system has marked certain environmental substances as “allergens.” Simply put, your immune system has decided that certain elements are a threat to your body. Your body goes into fight mode when it encounters an otherwise benign substance like pet dander. It is your immune system’s “fight” response that causes the allergy symptoms you know too well: the runny nose, watery eyes, itchy skin, or nagging cough. Your body is trying every way it can to get rid of the environmental “enemies.”

Environmental Allergy? How Can You Tell?

allergy-test-common-environmental-allergies-02How can you tell if you have an environmental allergy?

Does your coughing and sneezing increase with the pollen count? Are you allergic to dusting or do you feel congested when you sleep? Do you sneeze, start itching, or have trouble breathing around dogs or cats? Do you cough or experience a runny nose or headaches in damp environments?

These symptoms, and more, can sometimes indicate an environmental allergy. Environmental allergies can bother you indoors and outdoors, anytime, anywhere. Sometimes you might wonder if there is anywhere you can go to get reprieve.

Relief for Your Environmental Allergy

The good news is there is a place where you can get help. If your body seems allergic to the environment, there is a solution. You don’t have to spend every day avoiding the activities you love best. A visit to Dr. Hadjiev, your local allergist here in New York City, can help you greatly. He can introduce you to the wonders of allergy testing and treatments, which can help your body to be at peace with the environment.

Our Allergist Knows Your Local Environment

examples-info-allergy-from-environment-03Allergy testing can help determine which environmental substances your body is allergic to. Dr. Hadjiev is located right here in the heart of New York City. He knows the most common environmental allergens you are exposed to in your daily life.

By taking your medical history, giving a health exam, and conducting the appropriate tests, he can diagnose your environmental allergy and create an effective treatment plan designed especially for you.

Dr. Hadjiev can also help you determine how to improve your home environment to keep allergens to a minimum.

While you can’t stop pollen and mold from hanging around outside, you can minimize the environmental allergens in your home. And the allergy testing and treatment will help your body deal better with the allergens outdoors. Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy your environment every day?

Give Dr. Hadjiev a call today at 212-319-5282 and start breathing easier.

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