What Is Immunotherapy for Allergies?

For some people, preventing allergic reactions is not the only type of treatment available. It may also be possible to treat the condition. Allergen immunotherapy is one solution. More commonly known as allergy shots, this type of treatment can work to reduce the symptoms a person has to some types of allergies, such as allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis, insect allergies, or allergic asthma. The process works to desensitize the immune system to the threat, therefore reducing or eliminating the response from it. If you have heard this may be an option for you, call our offices to schedule a consultation with our allergist.

Who Will Benefit from Allergy Shots?

Allergy shots can help many people. They are often used in both children and adults as a treatment option. Whether or not you should have this treatment is dependent on a variety of factors including:

  • Whether or not you want to continue to take long term medications, which this treatment can eliminate
  • Whether you suffer from allergies long term or whether you only suffer minimally or seasonally
  • The severity of the allergy
  • How well your condition is controlled using medications
  • How much help you obtain from environmental control of your symptoms
  • The cost of the shots and the availability of the treatment with your insurance
  • The amount of time available for the treatment, since the process can take a significant amount of time.

For those who are suffering from an allergy, it can seem very hard to overcome. However, allergy shots are often very effective. Over time, your doctor will provide you with an increased amount of allergen. At first, you will have only a small amount of exposure. Over time, the amount of the injection increases, until your body develops more of an immunity to it. The process of build-up can take from three to six months requiring one or two shots each week. After this point, you will need to maintain this. This ensures the condition does not require. During this phase, you may need fewer treatments.

If you would like to learn more about immunotherapy and how well it can work for your needs, call our offices to schedule a consultation. When you do, you’ll learn what to expect, if it can work for your needs, and how long you may need care. Schedule a consultation with our New York City doctor today.

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