Signs of Food Allergy you should never Ignore

Food allergies are formed when your body sends out chemicals to protect itself against a certain element. Exposure to certain types of food may trigger this reaction in your body and you will experience an anaphylactic shock or rashes, etc. In a recent study, the amount of children affected by food allergy symptoms exceeds that of adults.

Where you might think that you have out-grown a childhood food allergy, this may not be the case. A study featured in the Journal of allergy and clinical immunology observed that most adults are susceptible to the return of their childhood food allergy later in life. Hence, keeping an eye out for the signs of food allergy is crucial to your well being.

This article aims to cover the common signs of food allergies that you should never ignore.

1. Your skin will react

If your skin starts to get red, itchy and swollen in places after eating something, this is most probably a reaction to what you ate. This reaction is most prominent in joint areas, hands, and feet. You will notice that in some areas your skin is breaking out in hives and feels extremely itchy. This also applies to the areas around the lips where you will experience abnormal redness or a slight itch.

2. Your pulse might get weak

While most food allergies result in physical reactions on the skin, it can go beyond this. Food can affect your blood pressure and if you experience a sudden dip in your blood pressure or start feeling drowsy or lightheaded this may be a reaction to something you have just eaten. This reaction can go from mild to severe in seconds and should not be ignored in any case.

3. The area around the mouth reacts

This is one of the most common indications of a food allergy. In most cases, the area around the mouth will start to itch and then slightly swell. This is the milder form of the reaction in some cases the lips can start to feel numb or swell to a noticeable size. This is most common in nut allergies and can be fatal due to difficulties in breathing. However, the severe form is quite rare and immediate attention from an allergist can prevent any severe damage.

4. Tightness in your chest

If you experience difficulty in swallowing food during a meal and your chest also feels tight, this is an eosinophilic esophagitis. This is caused by the immune response that your body generates in response to food allergens. As soon as your body deems something to be harmful, it sends white blood cells to the esophagus which results in inflammation of this area. As inflammation occurs your throat may start to feel tight and you will feel difficulty in swallowing food. This reaction is definitely not one to be brushed off, see an allergist immediately if you experience any of these signs.


Allergic reactions can have varying symptoms and indications. Being informed and visiting an allergist in your vicinity is the solution to most allergy problems. If you experience any of the above-mentioned signs, visit an allergist today to get a preventative assessment.

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