How to Select the Right Allergist

How to Select the Right AllergistAn allergist is a professional trained to identify the source of your allergy’s symptoms, treat it and help you feel better again. If you need to see an allergist, you possibly have already seen your primary healthcare doctor and may have already undergone some kind of medical testing. However, finding the right allergist can seem daunting at first, but your health and quality of life depend on it. So how do you find the best allergist who is right for you? Here are some important factors to look out for.

1. Board Certification

First, the allergist of your choice should be someone who has a board certificate. This can be complicated since anyone can claim to be a “board certified allergist”. For example, someone who is actually board-certified in the field of internal medicine can present himself as an “allergist” even in absence of the certification provided by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology (ABAI). Another example is of otolaryngologists, who also call themselves “board-certified allergists”, however, they are not ABAI certified. It is therefore important that you specifically inquire about ABAI certification, or check it for yourself at

2. Referrals

Begin your search for the right allergist with the list of referrals from your specialist or primary care doctor. Friends, family, and other healthcare experts are also reliable sources for recommendations. Remember to not rush things and instead take it slow; do your research and thoroughly go through the doctor’s experience and credentials.

3. Experience

When you are faced with an allergy or immune system disorder, experience highly matters. The more experienced an allergist is in dealing with a specific procedure or condition, the better results you are likely to get. Inquire about the number of patients who have the same condition as yours, ask the number of procedures the doctor has carried out and see if there are any complication rates present – problems both encountered by the doctor as well as your risk of complications.

4. Gender

If you are to receive the best treatment, it is extremely important for you to be comfortable with your allergist’s gender since you will explicitly need to discuss personal information. Make sure to inquire the allergist about his/her recent experience and training particularly related to your symptoms and gender. Since gender matters a lot in some kinds of care, allergists are specializing more and more in caring for men and women differently.

5. Your Insurance Plan

Your insurance coverage is a serious matter. For you to receive the most insurance advantages and pay the least out-of-pocket expense for your treatment, you might need to go to an allergist who participates in your plan.

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