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The Most Common Food Allergies Uncovered

allergist-for-common-food-allergies-info-nyc-01Having to deal with allergies or having a son or daughter that has to deal with them is never easy. The first part of dealing with possible food allergies is understanding them. Fortunately, a large portion of food allergies are caused by a handful of products which makes the process easier. Here are some of the most common food allergies you can come across.

Cow’s Milk

Did you know that cow milk allergies are one of the most widespread allergies in children? As a matter of fact, up to 3% of infants and toddlers are diagnosed with this type of allergy. This often happens when babies have been consuming cow’s milk before they reach 6 months.
The good thing is that the symptoms will usually disappear once the child reaches the age of three 90% of the time, which is why it’s not common in adults.

Symptoms will differ depending on the type of allergy you have. Symptoms might include rashes, vomiting, swelling, and even anaphylaxis in more severe case. In other cases, you might experience gut based symptoms like constipation, diarrhea or vomiting, which makes diagnosis a bit more difficult since it can be mistaken for intolerance. If you or your child has been diagnosed with the condition, then the only treatment is to completely cut out diary that contains cow’s milk like cheese, yogurt, ice cream and butter. And if you happen to be breastfeeding and your child has been diagnosed, then you should cut out milk products from your diet as well. A professional may be able to prescribe an alternative to cow milk-based formulas.


Tree nuts and peanut allergies are some of the most common and affect roughly 1% of the population for the former and around 10% for the latter. While peanuts are technically legumes, there are some similarities between the two allergies. And people who are allergic to peanuts are often allergic to tree nuts as well. Some examples of tree nuts include brazil nuts, almonds, cashews pistachios, pine nuts and walnuts.

Tree nut allergies are some of the most serious and cause some of the strongest reactions in sufferers. They are responsible for about half of all anaphylaxis-related deaths.

If you have an allergy to some tree nuts, you will be advised to avoid nuts altogether. However, a large percentage of people who are diagnosed with a peanut allergy before they enter their teenage years will not suffer any symptoms when they enter their teens.

Shellfish allergies

Shellfish allergies are caused by the immune system attacking some of the protein contained in them. This includes lobster, shrimps, scallops, prawns and crayfish just to name a few. The symptoms from a shellfish allergy are often similar to contamination, so it is one of the most difficult to diagnose.

If you think you or your child might be allergic to one of these food products, then it would be wise to talk with a professional today. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with the best allergist in New York.

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