Allergic Skin Conditions

Although anyone can develop skin irritation occasionally, when a particular substance causes the reaction, it is likely due to an allergic skin condition. Allergic skin conditions can cause an immediate skin reaction or a delayed skin reaction. Either way, annoying and uncomfortable symptoms can develop.

Types of Allergic Skin ConditionsAllergic Skin Reactions

One common type of allergic skin condition is hives. Hives are generally raised, itchy bumps on the skin. Most cases of hives are acute and occur shortly after exposure to the allergen. Insect bites and food allergies are common causes of hives.

Another common allergic skin condition is dermatitis. Symptoms include an itchy rash. The skin can also become crusty and dry. Contact dermatitis usually develops after an allergen touches or comes in contact with the skin.

Dermatitis symptoms may develop immediately after contact with the allergen or symptoms may be delayed. When delayed dermatitis symptoms develop, they usually occur a day or so after exposure to the allergen. Nickel and latex are common causes of contact dermatitis.

Treating Allergy Skin Conditions

If you think you have an allergy skin condition, it is best to have your diagnosis confirmed by an allergy doctor. Skin tests may be performed in order to determine what substances you are allergic to.

Once your allergist has identified the cause of your allergy symptoms, appropriate treatment will be recommended. In some instances, the best solution may be to avoid the allergen. For example, if certain cosmetics cause a skin allergy reaction, not using the products may be all that is needed.

In other cases, a person may have many different triggers or allergens, and it may be difficult to avoid all of them. Antihistamines and both oral and topical medications may reduce itching and redness.

Skin allergy symptoms can usually be well managed. Contact one of New York City’s best allergy doctors, Dr. Boyan Hadjiev. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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