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An Overview of the Most Common Types of Allergies

Allergy – An Overview

Your body comes across a situation where your immune system sees a substance as harmful. Such situation is known as allergy. However, this is not the case as that substance is not harmful. The immune system reacts, and you may suffer from an allergy. You can suffer from a large number of allergies, depending on the seasons. However, some can last long, and you will have to make proper plans with your doctor. The best way to prevent an allergic reaction is by avoiding the allergens. Now, let’s have a look at the different types of allergies that can occur in a human body:

Types of Allergies

If you suffer from any of these, make sure that you have perfect knowledge of each one of them.


Pollen is among the most avoidable allergens as there are plenty of them. Various plants usually excrete it. The most common ones include trees, grass, flowers, and mostly weeds. As it has a light, fluffy texture, therefore, this makes it easy to travel through the air. Avoid this by trying not to remain outdoors for long periods of time. You should try not to go to places where there is high vegetation. If you suffer from allergies, pollen leads to symptoms including coughing, sneezing, and having a runny nose.

Dust Mites

The most common and frequently caused type of allergy is dust mites. It is difficult to find dust mites on the floor as they are very tiny. You can find this type of stuffed materials, furniture, and carpet, etc. You can stay away from it by keeping a dust-free environment in your house and offices. To minimize the risk, regular vacuuming, and dusting is vital.


Mold shares traits with dust mites and pollen, and it is also a widespread allergen. However, the mold is found in water and some types of moisture. This is the main reason why mold is usually found in laundry areas, bathrooms, basements, and outdoor areas such as grass. Therefore, to prevent the development of mold, proper ventilation of air in these areas is recommended.


Some of you might have food allergies mainly from peanuts, seafood, and dairy products. As they are ubiquitous, traditional recipes have been introduced to have alternative versions of these. If you are allergic to a specific food, the symptoms will start to develop during the start of your meal. These symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting, shortness of breath, swelling, nausea, and low blood pressure. The best way to stay away from this is to avoid the food altogether. However, a common food allergy treatment is epinephrine.

Bee Stings

Many people hate bees. The toxin that insects produce when they bite you can cause an allergic reaction. This is the most dangerous type of allergy. Instead of being low-risk, bee stings are considered as the most dangerous. Common symptoms of this include swelling of your tongue, breathing difficulty, and low blood pressure. Make sure you go to the doctor immediately after a bee sting.

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5 Reasons You Should See an Allergist

What Is An Allergy?

Allergy is the responsive action of the body against non-floral invaders. When a foreign particle (bacteria, virus) enter the body, our immune response activate and release certain enzymes and chemical substances that disrupt their activity. In doing so, the released nitrogenous compound called histamine causes a variety of symptoms such as respiratory problem, itchy eyes, and coughing.

Most of the people treat their medical condition or allergies without the perception of consultant as an over-the-counter drug are easily available in the pharmacy. In most of the cases, allergies get worse with the passage of time if you do not see an allergist. Some allergic condition such as mild hay fever and Anaphylaxis could affect your overall well-being and quality of life.

To Reduce Wheezing And Breathlessness

If you are the patient of asthma and constantly feeling shortness of breath then, you should see an allergist, as they are experts of taking down the severity of asthma and other associated disease. Occasional evaluation of such diseases can lower the risk of emergency cases.

To Combat Anaphylaxis

allergistAnaphylaxis, are the rare type of disease that could affect several parts of the body in one go. Most commonly anaphylaxis reaction may occur in people who are allergic to certain food and medication such as aspire, antibiotic and other over-the-counter drugs. This reaction could lead to cause an overactive immune response and release allergen symptoms. Early evaluation of these symptoms can keep you to stay away from an allergic reaction. In some cases, the allergist gives you the key measure to check the occurrence of symptoms and guide you to treat such episodes.

To Stay Form Nasal Or Eye Infection

If you are s pet lover, then make sure they are properly vaccinated. Like the dogs, cats and other pet are the carriers of parasites and small insects that can cause server allergic reaction. Some people are also allergic to pollen and spores that are coming from grasses, trees, and molds which could lead to an eye or nasal infection. Keeping you surrounding hygienic also help you to alleviate the issue but for effective results, you should see an allergist as its expert advice give you the best treatment option.

To Determine What Food To Eat

Your foodie nature can be lethal if you are unaware that which food you are allergic to. Food allergies can cause a variety of health effects such as hives, vomiting, diarrhea, and eczema. Before eating any food must see an allergist. The allergic specialist examines your allergic response to certain substance via blood & skin test and diet examination.

To Fight Infections

allergensThe people who suffer from repeated ear, lungs or sinuses should see an allergist for a permanent solution. People with immune-deficiency syndrome find trouble in fighting allergens, but they can cope with these conditions by seeing an immunologist, as they have an abundance of knowledge and rare cases of a sensitive patient who suffers from these critical infections.

Bottom Line

An allergist is a well-qualified person that has treated dozens of allergic conditions. The person with weak immune-response is recommended to see an allergist before taking an OTC medication. Ceasing your self-medication practices will help you to live free even in bothering weather conditions.

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